Visiting Melton Mowbray

The Market town of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, perhaps most famous for its Pork Pies, is situated in Fox Hunting country, where the three hunts The Quorn, The Belvoir and the Cottesmore meet.

Brockleby’s pies have now won over 30 accolades at the annual British Pie Awards, have been recommended by the Pierateers, and have been featured in numerous publications and television programmes. Producing more pies than anyone else in the Borough of Melton, while remaining family-owned, and still supporting local farmers and producers. Definitely worth a visit.

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Apart from the sport in the hunting field, much ‘larking’ and ‘ragging’ went on among the huntsmen, one of the best-known episodes took place in 1837 when the Marquis of Waterford literally painted the buildings in Melton Mowbray red. From which evolved the well-known saying ‘Paint the Town Red’.

Melton Country Park – 140 acres of informal parkland and a lake, situated close to the town centre. There are Picnic sites, nature trails and children’s play areas. The Visitor Centre contains archaeological finds from the site.

National Space Centre – The National Space Centre is one of the United Kingdom’s leading visitor attractions that is devoted to space science and astronomy and is located approximately 30 minutes from Scalford Hall Country House Hotel. For more information call 0845 605 2001 for more information.